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High School League

DMYHA High School League

The High School League is open to all players that are in 9th - 12th grade. The High School League gives players a chance to represent their high school. 

Club teams from Dowling, Valley, Lincoln/Roosevelt, and Waukee/Norwalk, as well as players from other area High Schools participate in this league.

2017-18 HS League Standings

Dowling 10 3 4 24 76 49
Valley 8 3 3 19 75 39
Waukee/Norwalk 4 9 2 10 44 75
Lincoln/Roosevelt 3 10 3 9 40 71

Updated  02/15/18

Final Game Results:

First team listed is on VISITOR bench, and wears DARK:

11 Feb 18
HS31:  Waukee/Norwalk  6  Lincoln/Roosevelt  2
HS32:  Dowling  Valley  2

14 Feb 18
HS33:  ValleyLincoln/Roosevelt  2
HS34:  Dowling  4  Waukee/Norwalk  1

21 Feb 18
HS35:  Valley at Waukee/Norwalk
HS36:  Dowling at Lincoln/Roosevelt
end of regular season

last updated   02/15/18

Metro HS Division

From League Statistician

Congratulations to the following notable players and goalies:

HS27:  Dowling Matt Johnson for a hat trick, Nate Kleven for 2 goals and a playmaker, and Christopher Stoever for a goal and a playmaker

How to get your name posted here: In one game: score 3 or more goals (hat trick)score 3 or more assists (playmaker); or, as the goalie, allow NO goals against you (shut-out). 

Updated  02/15/18

John Tuttle

High School League Co-Commissioner

Mark Johnson

High School League Co-Commissioner

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