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Junior Buccaneers Travel League

DMYHA Jr. Buccaneers Travel League

The Travel Hockey program we call "Junior Buccaneers" travel from Des Moines, Iowa to play ice hockey in other Iowa communities and in many other states. Our teams frequently make road trips to Illinois, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska and Wisconsin.

Participants are selected annually and the program emphasizes strict discipline, individual independence, team play, and the development of each participant's skating and hockey skills.  If your hockey player plans to tryout for one of the DMYHA Travel teams they will be rated on their work ethic, forward and backward skating, overall speed, teamwork, and position and skill level with the puck.

Benefits of the Travel Hockey program include:

  • 2-3 hours of practice time per week (generally full ice practices)
  • High-quality coaching
  • High-quality competition
  • Visit other Midwest Cities
  • Form new friendships (players and parents)
  • Have fun on and off the ice!