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Hockey Healthy

Eating Healthy for Hockey

If you could take your game to the next level, you would, right? Well, you eating the right foods everyday.  That’s how important your daily DIET is!  What you put in your mouth affects you DIRECTLY - that includes on the ice, and in your daily activities. To be the best, you have to eat like the best!

The article "You Are What You Eat" in the September 2008 issue of USA Hockey is a hockey players guide to eating right.

You Are What You Eat - USA Hockey Magazine 

Hockey and Energy Drinks

Sports drinks and energy drinks, is there really a difference? You bet there is, and it’s time athletes distinguish between the two.  Check out the following articles in the USA Hockey Magazine.

Liquid Controversy - USA Hockey Magazine

Pulling the Plug on Energy Drinks - USA Hockey Magazine

Hockey Hydration